img_fritolayMore than 20 years ago, while working at Landor Associates in San Francisco, my Creative Director, Bill Chiaravalle and I were asked to help out the Mexico City office with a small assignment (funny) for Frito-Lay. Their Mexico flagship brand, Sabritas, was undergoing a brand overhaul and they needed us to contribute some creative options. A critical component to their brand was a simple smiley face that still appears on national brands sold and packaged by Frito-Lay. Neither Bill or I were happy with the current mark and in a marathon painting session we straddled up to a table in the center of the studio armed with brushes and black paint. After several sketches I could not tell you who did the final strokes that made up the final logo you see here. But this iconic smiley face was born over 20 years ago in an act of desperation – and still stands as an established brand to this day. A fan of all things Frito-Lay, its fun to see my little friend every time I grab a bag of Doritos at my nearby Circle K.