Here are a few of the latest illustrations I’ve been tinkering with. How can we make a 1953/54 Chevy 3800 run with Chevy 4wd running gear, a Cummins 6.7 liter turbo diesel, and a few other minor adjustments? Yes, I am just dreaming. But what I am intrigued with this truck is, the 3800 is actually a 3/4-1 ton truck and was less popular than the 3100 half-ton sister truck. It is a bit bigger, taller and longer. It is also MUCH cheaper and can be found all over for about $500. Significantly cheaper than the 3100. I miss my Ford Excursion so this would be a nice replacement of that, very unique and a fun center of attention if we ever did it. Regardless, adding something like this to the fleet would be a blast.

Driver side view of a proposed Ls3 engine swap.
Chevy 3800 Panel Truck side View.
Chevy 3800 back view.
Front view.
54 Chevy truck version.
Driver side top down view. Imagine the color of yellow?
Our 1954 Chevy Truck after being lifted and retrofitted with Dana 44 axles and gear from a 79 Chevy K5 Blazer.