It is interesting to us that most businesses give little or no thought to the power of their brand. Why would a company gamble with their success? As a company’s most valuable marketing asset, a brand is what triggers perception in the minds of its consumers. It is its voice. It is the personification of who a company is, what it does, and what it is about. It represents the quality of its goods and services. A successful brand influences consumer behavior, engenders loyalty, demands a premium, and ultimately enhances the bottom line.

Luck has nothing to do with the fact that we are now going into our 19th year helping businesses just like yours. We are professionals who know how to use the power of design to customize the correct perception and messaging for your business.

Scott Curtis, our principal and creative director, founded the the Brand Navigator in 2000 and has brought with him more than 20 years of brand and creative development experience. Throughout his career Scott has worked with such companies as Microsoft, FedEx, Boeing, Warner Brothers, Frito-Lay, Sony, PING, Weyerhaeuser, Gatorade, and many others, large and small.

We are designers. Our services include brand strategy and positioning, brand identity creation, and the extension of the brand to various connection points with consumer to include: web site design, print and collateral, advertising, packaging, signage and retail branding.

We know you wouldn’t take a chance with your business. Award winning design is our product. Results are the impact we have on your business.


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